InterGalactic Domination!

InterGalactic Domination! What else is there to say?

The only worthy goal in Eve, outside of massive betrayal, obsessive ship tinkering, ganking and missioning while wasted, and sabotaging your romantic relationships ~ lol

Gridline Technologies is offering you all of that, and more!

"My personal experience: I've spent countless hours mining, exploring, and laughing at corp chat. Risk is low and profit is high. POS living is easily sustainable with planets rich in PI resources. With ore skills to 4 and the Beancounter implant for refining, you can get a perfect refine out here. The corp is willing to help you learn the ropes in Null sec. I've learned more about Eve while living with the corp than my entire time in High sec. Industry, mechanics, survival, etc. it's an experience not to be missed."

We are seeking active pilots looking to move their pods to the next level of Eve. We offer both drone sites and all the ore you can mine. We are mainly a PvE focused corp, but our doors are now open to PVP pilots for a new PVP division.


Gridline is Recruiting Now!

Looking for Miners in The Bleaklands

  • Orca supported Mining Fleet Ops
  • Corp Hanger Support
  • Corp BPCs
  • Research + Development
  • Perfect Refining

Contact in Game:

Magnus Kafur